Lowbed Hire Zimbabwe

Are you looking for a lowbed to hire in Zimbabwe? At Planthire Zimbabwe, we have every lowbed that suits your every need in Zimbabwe no matter where you are. Call on 0772593344 for lowbed hire Zimbabwe.

lowbed hire zimbabwe

A lowbed truck or trailer is a truck that transports heavy, tall and wide equipment. These trucks provide the utmost stability and safety as heavy plant and equipment tends to be the most expensive. They are therefore used to carry excavators, bulldozers and graders. They can also carry cranes, vehicles, road & construction machines, generators, caravans and more.

At Plant Hire Zimbabwe, we provide the most versatile lowbed hire Zimbabwe services in use. Moreover, our lowbed trailers comply with height restrictions despite equipment size. We also have flatbeds and low bed semi trailer type to meet your equipment needs in Zimbabwe.

Features of Lowbed Trailers

Lowbeds have a number of features which give them stability and safety. The key features of lowbed provided by Plant Hire Zimbabwe are as follows:

lowbed hire zimbabwe

Detachable Goosenecks

Lowbeds have detachable goosenecks. This allow easy loading of heavy and large equipment. How this works is the bed is detached from the horse, the equipment is then loaded. After this procedure, the bed is then reattached to the truck and lifted through hydraulics.

Powerful Heavy Duty Engines

Lowbed trailers are pulled by horses that have powerful heavy duty engines that enable heavy equipment to be carried.

Landing Gear

Lowbeds from Planthire Zimbabwe have landing gear that supports the lowbed trailer after detachment from the horse. It is important to consider the load capacity of the landing gear before hiring the lowbed for your use.

Lowbed Ramp

The ramp moves the heavy equipment onto the lowbed trailer. There are different ramp systems from Plant Hire Zimbabwe. Nomally, longer ramps shall make it easier to move the load onto the lowbed trailer. Ramps are in different types. However, mechanical and haydraulic ramps are common. Though haydraulic ramps are efficient, they are however expensive.