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Pedestrian Roller For Hire Harare

Looking for pedestrian roller compactor for hire in Harare? Call 0772593344 Today. We are a reliable pedestrian roller compactor company in Zimbabwe that offers construction plant and equipment for hire at affordable prices. Construction companies in Harare and Zimbabwe rely on our pedestrian roller equipment in Harare and Zimbabwe that sees their construction projects proceeding well without any hiccups.

Are you maintaining roads/highways or reinstating patches and trenches? Our single and double drum pedestrian rollers for hire in Harare are the perfect machines for the compaction of asphalt and bituminous surfaces. The width and rolling action helps achieve a flat surface finish.

The Benefits of Using Our Pedestrian Rollers in Harare & Zimbabwe

  • They have beveled drums and vibrating roller edge which prevents marking on surface
  • The thick drum shell gives longer life
  • The self-cleaning scrapers prevents the build up of dirt on drum
  • Our rollers have corrosion free water tanks
  • Moreover the deadman handle control with reversing protection gives safe pedestrian operation
  • Ergonomically designed, height adjustable handle
  • They have lifting holes for easy transportation

Our Roller Compactor Rates

How much does it cost to hire a roller compactor in Harare or Zimbabwe? Depending on the size of the roller compactor, the cost of hiring a roller ranges from USD60 to USD100.00. However, the cost shall depend on the period of hire. If the roller compactor is being hired for a long time, roller compactor rates are expected to be reduced.

The cost of hiring a roller compactor shall also depend on whether the cost is dry or wet rate. Dry rate means that the compactor is being brought without fuel. This means the customer is going to put their own fuel. Dry rates are therefore lower than wet rates. If its wet rate, it means that the machine is coming with fuel. Our company shall therefore bring the machine with fuel. Wet rates are therefore higher than dry rates.

Does Our Roller Compactor Come With An Operator?

Yes, our pedestrian roller compactors for Hire in Harare and Zimbabwe come with an operator. An operator is the person who operates the roller compactor so that your project sails smoothly. Our operators would have been trained in all aspects that have to do with the pedestrian roller compactor. Their knowledge of the pedestrian roller compactor is immense making sure your project does not stop but is completed withing deadlines.

Availability of Our Roller Compactors

If you are looking for a pedestrian roller compactor for hire in Harare, you can call us. Availability is determined when you call. The machines may be available or may not be available. However, we have enough machines to cater for all our customers.

Client Testimonials

A side profile of a woman in a russet-colored turtleneck and white bag. She looks up with her eyes closed.

“We have used pedestrian roller compactors from Plantquip Zimbabwe without any problems. The roller compactors perform well, ensuring your project proceeds well.”

— Anna Wong, Hararer

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