TLB Hire Cost Harare Zimbabwe

Looking to find out the TLB hire cost in Harare or Zimbabwe? Or TLB hire price in Harare or Zimbabwe?

TLB Hire Cost Harare Zimbabwe

If you are looking for the average TLB rental cost in Harare, then you have come to the right place. If you have a mining, construction and agricultural project where the TLB needs to work, knowing the TLB hire cost Harare Zimbabwe shall help you calculate your part of the costs. Perhaps you are new in the process of hiring out this piece of equipment for your project.

The cost of hiring out a TLB shall also depend on a variety of other factors as well.

The most common way of charging TLB hire rates in Harare or Zimbabwe is to charge per hour. This is a 60 minute charge rate. There are two different methods of charging used. TLB dry rate per hour or TLB wet rate per hour. We shall here explain what these two terms.

TLB Dry Rate Per Hour

TLB dry rate per hour means the TLB is being provided without fuel. As a client, you shall be the one who is providing fuel for the machine. The TLB hiring company shall provide the machine and the operator. In Harare, the TLB dry rate per hour normally ranges from as little as USD40 to as much as USD55. However, there are factors that also determine the cost of hiring.

TLB Wet Rate Per Hour

Its also common for TLB hiring companies in Harare and Zimbabwe to charge wet rates per hour. TLB wet rate per hour means the TLB is being provided with fuel. Therefore, the company providing the TLB machine provides the machine, the operator and the fuel. In Harare , the TLB wet rate per hour normally ranges from USD50 to as much as USD70 per hour.

Having mentioned what the TLB dry rate and wet rates mean, we shall here explain further the other factors that determine the price of hiring a TLB in Harare or Zimbabwe.

Other Factors That Determine the Cost of Hiring a TLB in Harare or Zimbabwe

There are other factors that determine the TLB Hire Cost in Harare and Zimbabwe as well. The duration of TLB hire also have a bearing on the cost of TLB hire.

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