Excavator Hire Zimbabwe

Excavator Hire Zimbabwe

Excavators are important in any construction or civil engineering project. Plant Hire (Pvt) Ltd offers affordable excavator hire services in Harare and Zimbabwe. An excavator is a heavy duty vehicle used to dig or move large objects. It is made up of two parts, a driving base which is has an attached powerful boom arm with a bucket designed for excavating. The operator sits within a small cab connected to the base and controls the arm.

At Plant Hire (Pvt) Ltd, offer our clients this machine as it is commonly used especially in the construction sector and civil engineering industry. Excavators are used in the following:

  • Demolitionexcavators for hire Harare
  • Digging of trenches, holes, foundations
  • General grading/landscaping
  • Brush cutting with hydraulic attachments
  • Material handling
  • Forestry work
  • Lifting and placing of pipes
  • Mining, especially, but not only open-pit mining
  • River dredging

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Excavator for Hire in Harare
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Excavator for Hire in Harare